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Tito Monosodium Glutamate MSG China Salt E621 25 kg

Tito Monosodium Glutamate MSG China Salt E621 25 kg

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Food Additive Name:
Tito Monosodium Glutamate MSG China Salt
Component List:
Monosodium Glutamate

M Code:

Net Quantity:
25 kg


Physical Structure:


Backward in terms of traceability, allRaw materialsAnd packaging materials lot numbers records.

Product lot number, is situated on the product packaging.


Food Additive Functional Class:
Flavor Enhancers

Food Additive Which Was Derived From the Name Of:

Food Additive Eklenebileceği Foods:
Turkish Food Codex Food Additives Yönetmeliği'nde and vertical tebliğlerde in accordance with the regulations, allowable finished products, taking into account the limitations of used.

Regulation and tebliğlerde required information ulaşılamadığında, related with your country's laws to regulator danışılabilir.


Special Storage/Conditions of Use:
Please keep in dry and cool place sealed.

Food İşletmecisinin Commercial Title and Address:
Smart Chemical Tic. And From. Ltd. Ltd.
Aegean Industrial Site Balatçık Mah. 8901/3 in. No:3/3AO Çiğli/Izmir premises.

Manufacturer Business Registration No:


Turkey (Food's main component of origin, the end product menşeinden is different.)

Instructions for use:
Turkish Food Codex Food Additives in accordance with Yönetmeliği'ne, manufactured or planned production of finished product related with vertical tebliğlerde Place area; eklenebileceği foods, conditions of use, maximum quantities and considering the restrictions should be used.

Turkey in countries other than use planlanıyorsa, the country concerned legal regulations should be considered.

Product performance, production requirements, machinery and equipment building and performances, seasonal variables and other may vary depending on the raw materials.

The most suitable use the amount of before without designating, turkish Food Codex Food Additives Yönetmeliği'nde belirtilen restrictions in view of things, minimum miktarlarla trials must be made.


Use Area/Sale Aim:
Use in food.

Monosodium glutamate, shortened as MSG first 1900'lü found and widely In Japan In the Japan and were being used in Chinese cuisine.

E­ 621 code with well known MSG, in many food aroma kıvamını used to increase a additive. Glutamic acid is formed by the other salts is also the same with MSG etkidedir.

Glutamate bulunduğu gıdaya "umami" he called a taste of Qatar. Scientifically it taste bitter, salty, sour and tatlının is considered next to.

Glutamate is a protein. Protein containing most of the nutrients (red and white meats, seafood) are found naturally.

Glutamate tastes of confining a structure. Glutamate the amount of natural exist in foods and is used in foods of the 0,1 to 0,8 range. Of confining being comes from here and even more so in the case of using taste will not a contribution and harmful factors such as whether the contribution of de can lead to.

Monosodium glutamate salt. Chemical formula C5H8NNaO4 şeklindedir, 1 mol Monosodium glutamate 169.111 kg 'dır. 225 ° at erir and water solubility is very large.

MSG, glutamic acid with sodyumun merger occurs. Glutamic acid protein sentezindeki 20 kinds of aminoasitten one. This also meant that it's in our body sentezlenebilmektedir.

In our body 2 form is found, release and depending on the. Is connected to form depending on other aminoasitlerle bulunduğudur, free form is one bulunduğu per case. Nutrient welding glutamate, intestines most of energy used by the source. Bağırsaklar linked state found glutamatı also released the make. This energy source a large portion of the body itself sentezleyebilir. (95-96) adjust the nutrients in glutamatı around is.

Glutamate in their natural state, meat, fish, vegetables and grains, bound form, tomato, milk, potato, soy sauce and many kinds of peynirde free form. These produced many food material pleasant fragrance, taste and flavor enhancer özelliğinden due to subsequently added.

Monosodyum glutamatın Commercial production started in 1909. In the past by hydrolysis üretiliyordu, but later bacterial fermentation were being used.

Corynebacterium Glutamicus's bacteria fermenting process and this process in molasses, starch or sugar found in a liquid environment is realized. During the fermentation bacteria into glutamic acid. Then as the classic separation methods geçerler. Together with filtered and purified glutamic acid neutralization Monosodyum glutamata converted. If after the again a purification, crystallization and transformed into a white powder after drying in and ready to use as flavor enhancer.



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