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Tito Hemicellulase Enzyme 5 kg

Tito Hemicellulase Enzyme 5 kg

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Enzyme Name:
Tito Hemicellulase Enzyme

Component List:
Wheat Flour, Hemicellulase

Enzyme Activity:
1338 -1636 u/g

Net Quantity:
5 kg

Physical Structure:

Allergen Information:

Backward in terms of traceability, all raw materials and packaging materials lot numbers records.

Product lot number, is situated on the product packaging.

Enzyme Eklenebileceği Foods:
Turkish Food Codex Food Additives Yönetmeliği'nde, turkish Food Codex Food Enzymes Yönetmeliği'nde and vertical tebliğlerde in accordance with the regulations, allowed finished products, taking into account the limitations of used.
Regulation and tebliğlerde required information ulaşılamadığında, related with your country's laws to regulator danışılabilir.

Special Storage/Conditions of Use:
Please keep in dry and cool place sealed.

Food İşletmecisinin Commercial Title and Address:
Smart Chemical Tic. And From. Ltd. Ltd.
Aegean Industrial Site Balatçık Mah. 8901/3 in. No:3/3AO Çiğli/Izmir premises.

Manufacturer Business Registration No:

Turkey (Food's main component of origin, the end product menşeinden is different.)
Instructions for use:
Turkish Food Codex Food Enzymes Yönetmeliği'ne as appropriate, manufactured or planned production of finished product related with vertical tebliğlerde Place area; eklenebileceği foods, conditions of use, maximum quantities and considering the restrictions should be used.

Turkey in countries other than use planlanıyorsa, the country concerned legal regulations should be considered.

Product performance, production requirements, machinery and equipment building and performances, seasonal variables and other may vary depending on the raw materials.

The most suitable use the amount of before without designating, turkish Food Codex Food Additives Yönetmeliği'nde belirtilen restrictions in view of things, minimum miktarlarla trials must be made.

Use Area/Sale Aim:
Use in food.
Tito Hemicellulase enzyme Aspergillus tour küflerden fermentation by manufactured. Hemicellulase enzyme hemicellulose takes on the task of osteoarthritis. Hemicelluloses cell wall located a polysaccharide and than sugar too but cellulose less complex structure classified.
Flour starch in haricinde % 2 ­ 3 located in polysaccharides pentozanlar.

Pentozanlar; Water soluble or insoluble two band under meets. Water insoluble particles have negative effects on the dough and hemicelluloses.

Hemicellulase enzyme via this insoluble in water particles, high molecular ağırlığında water soluble polisakkaritlere dönüşmektedirler.
As a result the addition of hemicellulase in bread production;
Easy handling of the dough,

Glutenin helps to increase the elasticity,

Throttle hold capacity increases,

Bread volume increases,

Bread of the inside of the more smooth ensures that,

Thin shell structure, provides

More soft shell structure, provides

The dough comfortable development provides

Improves the ability of the dough water retention,

Shelf life.

Within the Un pentozanlardan hemicellulose enzymes acting on the part of a positive outcome in terms of features of bread in the case of kullanmamız almamız will be possible. Undaki starch outside polisakkaritlere acting enzymes; pentozanlara acting pentozanaz, cellulose part acting as cellulase and hemiselülozlara acting hemicellulase referred to.


Hemicellulases, usually amylase, glucanase,, cellulase xylanase enzymes along with most used in the following:
The quality of dough and product optimizasyonunu (volume, thickening, shelf life) in order to ensure the farinaceous producst. Deep frozen dough used in products.

Used in the production of fruit juice and other beverages 
Used as additive in animal feeds.


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