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Smart Kimya

Elito Pisces Essence

Elito Pisces Essence

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Physical state: Liquid
Solubility: Water Soluble& Fatsoluble

Usage Level: Elito essences are best quality and highly concentrated products. It is recommended to use between 1% to 4% in soap, 3% to 5% in scented stone,%4 to %6 for making room odor. This amount can be decreased or increased according to the desired flavour ratio in the finished product 

The soap, fragrant stone, room perfume, cosmetics, detergent and cleaning products made with Elito essences make a difference with its fragrance quality, strength, continuity and persistence.  

​Elito essences are produced by Smart Flavour and Fragrance Academy that contains the global leading fragrance, flavour and essence experts. These flavours are produced by numerous R&D tests and sensory analyses.​

​Elito essences can be used to make soap, scented stones, room perfume, detergents and cleaning products and all cosmetic products​.

Elito essences are sended in a healthy glass bottle with a special dropper cap.

Elito essences are extremely permanent and intense.

Elito essences make more smooth and best quality the structure of soaps and scented stones 

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