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Smart Kimya

Elito Caramel Banana Essence

Elito Caramel Banana Essence

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Physical state: Liquid
Solubility: Water Soluble 

Usage Level: Tito flavours are best quality and highly concentrated products, it is recommended to use 1 L Tito flavour for 1000 L of finished product or 1 ml Tito flavour for 1 L  finished product. This amount can be decreased or increased according to the desired flavour ratio in the finished product.


Product Details

Tito flavours are produced by Smart Flavour and Fragrance Academy that contains the global leading fragrance, flavour and essence experts. These flavours are produced by numerous R&D tests and sensory analyses.

Tito flavours are mostly used in food (confectionery, biscuits, chocolate, waffles, ice cream, puddings, desserts, nuts, dairy products, sauces, ready-to-eat, canned food, oat meal, baked goods, sausage, salami, sausage, such as fermented meat products) and beverages sector (fruit juices, fruit nectars, hot chocolate, tea , coffee varieties, milkshakes, smoothies, diet shakes, skinny cocktails, martinis, margaritas, mojitos, frozen varieties, Italian sodas, flavored waters, sherberts, shave ice, carbonated drinks, powdered drinks, alcoholic beverages) worldwide.

In the recent years, Tito flavours are also popularly used in e-cigarettes, eliquids and hookah.

Tito flavours are certified by the high and strict standards of International Certification Agencies.


The usage of Tito flavours in food and beverages:

First of all, please choose the appropriate physical state of flavour according to your finished product. 

That means choose powdered flavour for powdered finished product and choose liquid flavour for liquid finished product.

Then, depending on the oil-based, water-based product you will produce, the appropriate Tito flavours should be selected.

If you could not find the flavour you need, please give information to our Customer Service Department. We will be happy to work on the special flavour you need.

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