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Elito Almond Cookie Essence

Elito Almond Cookie Essence

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Origin Turkey
Physical Structure Liquid
Essence Solubility It is soluble in both water and oil.
Usage Rate Since Elito essences are high quality and concentrated products, it is recommended to be used between 1 and 4% in soap, between 3 and 5% in scented stone, and between 4 and 6% in making room fragrances. Then, this amount can be increased or decreased according to the desired essence power in the finished product.

Soaps, scented stones, room perfumes, cosmetics, detergents and cleaning products made with Elito essences make a difference with their scent quality, strength, continuity and permanence.

Elito essences, produced by the Smart Fragrance Academy, which hosts the leading fragrance, aroma and essence experts of our country, by making numerous R&D experiments, sensory analysis and synthesis, are in high demand not only from our country but also from many parts of the world.

You can use Elito essences in making soap, scented stones, room perfume, detergents and cleaning materials and all cosmetic products.

Our Elito essences are sent in healthy glass bottles with a special drip cap.

It is extremely persistent and intense.

Elito essences make the texture of soaps and scented stones smoother and of higher quality.

It is sufficient to use 1 to 4% Elito essence for soap and scented stone making. Depending on the desired scent strength, this amount can be increased or decreased.

Elito essences are not suitable for food and beverage production. For food and beverage, you can check out Tito flavors.
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